The Dungeon Dudes

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Dungeon Dudes(tm): Slide Puzzle
Can you solve the puzzle?  A simple game to pass some time.

Dude, What's That Word?
Can you figure out these eight letter words?  A simple game to pass some time.

Whack! Dungeon Dudes Edition
The Dungeon Dudes are nice guys, but for some reason they must be Whacked!  Use your left mouse button to whack the red dragon as it appears on the screen.  To what level can you advance?

Match 'Em: Dungeon Dudes Edition
The classic matching game for 1-4 players.  Slow connections will experience an annoying amount of lag.

Ask The Psychic Dude
This Dude is pretty smart, just don't ask him to grant you any wishes!  Concentrate, visualize, and ask The Psychic Dude any Yes/No question.